Prof. Aathi Jothi Babu /
Babu Charles / G.D. Babu


Profile of Dr.G.D Baabu :

With the blessings of ‘Spring of the wisdom’ Ghurubagavan Gnanaparanjothi.

                             I was Christianized as D. Babu Charles by my parents Mr. D. David Williams and Mrs. Suseela. I was born on 29th July 1972, at Yethapur, Salem district, Tamilnadu, India. When I was doing my secondary school education in 1988, my face was affected with acnes, To get rid of this acnes I consulted Doctors of various disciplines from allopath to Indian medicines and applied the creams on the skin and consumes the medicines prescribed. At this juncture I came to know about a siddha doctor practicing in Salem, who cured all sort of skin disorders. I consulted with him about my agely acnes and according to his advice got a course of medicines, which would last for a month that included creams to apply on the acnes and different types of tablets and syrups to consume. He advised me to consume the medicine to clean the bowls on the first day so that it would push out all the excreta in bowls. Among the medicines to be consumed there was syrup with a cork on top. When I shake the bottle before consuming and open the cork, it would fly up to the roof. Seeing this my mother was worried and told that, that medicine should be consisting of very string substances and asked me not to consume that medicine.

But I refused her advice and thought that she is of complaining nature, and blamed her for that. But she was insisting to avoid that particular medicine as she could see that it is very strong, This knowledge she got because her father was a famous doctor in Indian medicines, Since I was very eager and desperate to get rid of the acnes which was really making my appearance very agley, I started to consume the medicines and applied the cream on the acnes.

Exactly after the third day, suddenly a heat wave started to spread on my body and then all over the body heat boils started to appear. It was very red in color, similar to the blood. When I passed the motion it was like dysentery and the blood started to pour when I was passing the stools. My mother was panicky and started to weep, understanding the consequences of the symptoms. My uncle, Mr. Rajasekar, my mother’s elder brother was not only a government teacher working at sothuthupakkam but also was a famous astrologer and a homeopath doctor. He was very familiar with many herbs and their uses. When I was suffering with the boils he was in my town and stayed with us, So he prepared an oil using certain herbs and gave it to me to apply it on the boils. Because of that oil, the boils which were similar to the severe burns, were cured. But the dysentery and the excessive blood in the excreta and the burns from the throat to the anus did not get cured. I consulted all doctors of my town, and there was no remedy. I tried allopath, homeopath, ayurveda, unani, siddha, naturaopath etc and took all medicines to get cured from the dreadful dysentery but in vein.

My body health started to become worse day by day. I was not able to eat sour, sweat, spices, salty, bitter taste food. Hence I could not eat any food. If eat a little of the above taste food then the throat sore and the blood in the dysentery would become excessive.

So I could eat only the over boiled white rice with the broth of the thoor dhal, from 1988 to 1995, I suffered and the life became hell for these seven years. Then and there I would try a new doctor and they also would prescribe new medicines and stop at a point that there was no treatment and I had to die with this peculiar dysentery.

At this juncture, one of my uncle told me about Dr. Siddiq Jamal and Dr. Fazlor Rahman. Also informed me that though both the doctors were from the allopath discipline changed their field from allopath to homeopath and also were using the feather touch needing for acupuncture.

He also insisted that if doctor brothers touch me, my problem would vanish miraculously. I could not have faith in this treatment but laugh. Because even the foreign returned doctors could not cure my problems and I had tried every method of treatment. So I was wondering how an acupuncture needle can cure my illness.

But my uncle was convincing me and asked me to consult these doctor brothers. Since I had spent lakhs of money to get cured from my disorder I also agreed to see these doctors as my last try, My uncle also introduced me, my Ghuru Sri Gnanaparanjothi who was living in my native village, Yethapur and told me that if I learn the Gundalini Meditation from him and practice it and get the treatment from the doctor brothers then I would get cured totally.

My uncle told me to my Ghuru’s residence and Sri Gnanaparanjothi Thavalayam which is in Thumbal main road yethapur. In this place only my Ghuru was initiating the Gundalini meditation for 30 years then.

Till then I was following the Christian culture in which I was born. I used to attend the meetings conducted by D.G.S. Dinakaran, Thudi Shankar etc to get a solution for my health problem. I was living with very string principle that jesus is the only god and the bible is the only holy book in the world. Also except god I would not fall down on anybody’s feet to get blessings.

When I entered the thavalayam, Ghuru Gnanaparanjothi was sitting there an my uncle introduced me to him and got his blessing by falling down to his feet and worshipping. But I just said ‘Vanakkam’ and stood still. My Ghuru told me that “I do insist people to fall down to my feet but they do it on their own will”

After this I was made to sit in the meditation hall and the first ‘Dhiksha’ was given to me and within a month the rest of the two initiations was also given to me. Not only this my Ghuru also gave me the Ghuru title to me that means I can give the first and second stages of initiations to others.

In these circumstances, Mr. Ramanar, a grand master in reiki had come to meet my Ghuru. I also was there to meet my Ghuru, which was my usual morning routine. I was a wholesale egg merchant then and only after getting blessings from my Ghuru I used to start my day. Since my Ghuru and the reiki master Mr. Ramanar were talking in the first floor f the Thavalayam, I was waiting at the downstairs talking to other devotees. I noticed the reiki master pointed me and talked to my Ghuru. Then my Ghuru called me and introduced the master the grand master in reiki and saud that the master is interested in teaching the art of reiki to me because he noticed some power rays behind my head. My Ghuru was asking about my interest. But I expressed my disinterest that in front of the great art of our meditation nothing is valid. Then my Ghuru ordered me to learn the art of reiki.

After this Mr. Ramanar and his assistants came to the Thavalayam and taught the art of reiki to about 40 of us. After the first stage of classes were over the master made all the students sit in the thavalayam and asked about their experiences. During my turn I started to explain about my experiences that a light descended in me and my body started to react to that. My body felt very light and I felt as I was floating in that air and that some e nergy was passing out my body.

After I told my experiences, the master Mr. Ramanar, declared that, in his 15 years of experience in teaching the reiki that was the first time he underwent many new experiences when teaching a student like me. He was wondering about his experiences that occurred while teaching to me.

After this, he insisted to all the students that they all should touch their own body and practice for 15 days since they have completed only the first stage of the art. He also told that, with that first stage one cannot give the therapy to others without touching.

The very next day I was on my business tour and went to the nearby village called Umayalpuram, and supplied the eggs. I saw people were standing in group in front of a house, which was near the shop. My elder brother was also standing there among the group. When I enquired about the scene, one elderly person told me and my brother that one of the family head of that particular house was in the state of coma and was about to die, when me and my brother went inside and saw him, his breath was heavy and was coming out with great difficulty. Near his head, a lamp and all the other ritual things were kept ready, which would be used after a person is dead.

My brother enquired me whether I could do anything with my reiki knowledge. I refused to do anything as my master had insisted that we should not use the art without completing the next stages of learning, more over the reiki practicing persons should not treat a person in the death bed by touching or without touching.

Since my brother was compelling me to do something, I prayed to Jesus and my Ghuru and prayed that let the cosmic force enter into the patient’s body through my hands. Then I felt that some energy entered into my body and through my hands the energy entered in to that patient body. After a while, a strange sound like ‘klak’ came out of the patient and he closed his mouth. I was scared and was feeling guilty of misusing the powers. I thought that the person had died. I gathered myself and took his hands and felt his pulse. He was alive. With that satisfaction I asked the others to wipe the patient’s body with a cloth and made him rest in another cot. After this long experience I and brother came to our home.

The next day an elderly man came to my house and held my hands and thanked me for giving him life. Then I realized that the man was no one but the patient I treated the previous day. After two hours time the doctor came and asked me whether I felt any problem and I was feeling perfect. So he told me that my problem had been solved and I had become normal. He also gave me the confidence that nothing would occur in the future and if so he would treat me.

From then onwards I never had such bowl movement and health problem. The condition which could not be cured by any treatment for seven years came to an end within seconds by touching a point with a small needle. Because of this experience I started to admire this art and wanted to learn it, I wanted to learn this art of treatment and become a doctor like doctor brothers and treat all people suffering with illness as I suffered and cure them. I told my ambition to my Ghuru Gnanaparanjothi.

My Ghuru used to ask his disciples about their ambitions and their beloved god and also about their health problems. So when I met him for the first time I prayed him that nobody should suffer with illness like me without knowing the remedy. So after getting cured I requested his blessings to become that best doctor in acupuncture and expressed my wish to learn the art from the doctor brothers.

Each and every time I went for meditating I expressed my wish to my Ghuru and also told him that I wanted to cure people like Jesus did that is curing people by touching them.

My Ghuru and the doctor brothers had good friendly relationship and I was going there once in a month to be treated and improve my health. At this juncture I requested my Ghuru to recommend me to become a student in the doctor brother’s school, so that I can learn the science from the doctor brothers.

As the days went by one day my Ghuru Sri Gnanaparanjothi, took me along with him to the nearby town, Atthur. We went to the town by the two wheeler and I was driving the vehicle. At that meditation center, one of the senior disciple commented on my mistake and advised me not to make Swamiji to travel by two wheeler. Then my Ghuru took me to another devotee’s house who’s name is Virudha giri. There around 40 to 50 men abd women devotees were gathered. Where ever the Ghuru goes one of the assistant Mr. N Subramaniyam used to go to explain about the meditation to the new comers. But on that particular day he was absent. My Ghuru suddenly asked me to conduct the class and asked me to give retouch the ‘agna’ chakra ( This chakra exists between the two eyebrows ) the meditation started and all sat in their places, My Ghuru used to tell the matters more than once and that day he simple told once and went to place and sat. I was sitting in front of him and on the left side men and on the right side the women sat. I was filled with fear, except two or three persons I did not know any of them sitting in front of me, where as my Ghuru had asked me to retouch them; I was not certain of what to do and feared about the reaction of others. I remembered the Reiki classes. Then I just observed the in which everybody is sitting. Then I closed my eyes and meditated the Gundalini power in me and received the cosmic force by the powers get mixes in my forehead and then penetrates through the others agna. After sending the energy by this method to everybody there was only two remained, one is my Ghuru and the other is me.

I wondered about my next move, meanwhile I was also scared to give this ‘Dhiksha’ to my Ghuru. Composing myself, I opened my eyes and saw my Ghuru and saw his agna chakra, then closing my eyes I recollected the same thing in my mind. But there instead of my Ghuru, the ‘Karpaga Vinayakar’ with a very thick golden aero like a garland, was present. I was confused and sure that was a trick of my mind. Again I opened my eyes saw my Ghuru sitting infront of me and closed my eyes. Whe I tried to see him in my mind again the same vision occurred, then I apologized to my Ghuru and started to meditate.

When we were returning my Ghuru didn’t enquire about my experiences nor I opened my mouth. They very important point in this is that as my Ghuru reminds a work for twice, he also enquire about the results. But on the same day he did not do so.


After this incident me and my Ghuru went to Chennai, twice to meet the doctor brothers for treatment. Both the times he did not ask the doctor brothers to accept me as their student. Then I enquired about this, my Ghuru simply told that he forgot to do so. The third time when we went for treatment, we have to take the beds in different places for treatment, after that when we are about to depart, I asked him whether he had told the doctors about my interest in learning acupuncture. Again he told he had forgotten and asked me should he go inside again to convey the message. I was very angry. Fuming with anger I refused and asked him not to go.

Another disciple of my Ghuru, Mr. G.M. Ramachandran who was also with us told me that doctor brothers do not have enough qualification to teach me acupuncture. But I was not convinced and asked him to keep quiet and also told him that he and Ghuru were trying to convince me which was highly irregular.

But he argued that he was not convincing me but telling the truth. All the disciples treated Ghuru as Ghuru but I used to address him as god and call him bhagavan. So he advised me that when the god himself is sitting in front of me in the form of Ghuru I should not search anything elsewhere but search within my Ghuru, I realized my fault and apologized to my Ghuru and to him

After coming from Chennai, I was filled with mu Ghuru’s blessings and meditated for 15 days, day and night without sleep and invented a new theory on five element cycles, pulses and the relevant points.

Just 30 days before this my uncle gave me a book on acupuncture in tamil and an English book written by Dr. Felix Mann and Dr. Yu ve ping and also an English book written by Dr. Mary Austin. After reading these books I had all my doubts about the discussed loopholes in the acupuncture and invented the solutions after meditating.

First I completed the diploma and then M.D. in acupuncture. After this I also completed the professor’s certificate. Then I did my PhD to do a research on the relativity between the five element cycles, the pulse patterns and the points.

At this juncture in meditation with my Ghuru’s blessings I found out that every aspect of energy running throughout the body is the “Gundalini power”. From this power only the five elements emerged and through them the body and its organs function. The sweat poses are as important as the breathing air from the body and the organs to survive. Because through them the five elements energy from the cosmic enter through these sweat pores and other excretory organs.

So with this I have invented that the excess and less level of these energies are the cause of all sorts of diseases. That is the five elements energies are the only basic reason for any type of function of the body.

I invented the new method of treatment in the field of acupuncture to make it a complete treatment for all the diseases. And I have filed patent (Invention) from the Australian government and filed in the PCT ( Patent council trinity ) and in India.